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Self Care Confession

April 1, 2019


I have not been prioritizing myself the way I know is best. While I could never be accused of being a gym rat, or even very athletic, I believe moving energy through my body is one of the most generous and gracious gifts I can give myself.


However, my time and energy lately have been consumed by all the things:
* Never ending remodel 
* Sick kids
* Taxes 
* Spring break
* Tutoring + therapy
* Laundry…alllllll the dang laundry 
* After school activities
* The no fun work activities that have to be done
* You know, just ALL THE THINGS, a.k.a. life


And because my time feels crunched, because other things feel more pressing, because I am in a season of being very needed by my family, my exercise has most definitely not been first priority. As in it’s not happening at all.


I am starting to feel the effects because my energy feels low, I’m not making the best decisions about food, and I am a bit irritable. And we all know what happens when mama ain’t happy…


So, after a day of some really fun family adventures, I realized everyone was pretty preoccupied, and I quietly slipped out the back door with a podcast in my ears. I walked the hills around my house for over an hour, and it was the BEST reintroduction to what it feels like to put my needs first.


Best of all, I immediately felt the desire to eat food that fuels my body, get creative, and have some sexy time with my man. I’d call that a win!

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