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What are you withholding?

March 29, 2019


“Whatever you think the world is withholding from you, you are withholding from the world.” - Ekhart Tolle


This wisdom has been showing up for me in a few different ways lately, so I trust there is a message here. When I quiet for a moment and get clear on what my perception is of what the world is withholding from me...when I consider where I see the contrast between where I am and where I want to be...it becomes blatantly obvious where I can give more, open myself up in new ways, and show gratitude. And, by now I know, the magic will manifest immediately once I shift my energy and intention.


It is too easy to put ourselves in the victim role and first ask, "Why me?" without first asking the question of where our energy initially had to be in order to create our present. Energy is energy - the universe responds to the exact energy you put out and the actions you take from that particular feeling or vibration.


So, what does this mean? Some practical applications...


* If you are seeking community + sisterhood, put yourself in social situations that allow you to welcome it in. Show vulnerability, BE a friend, invest in others, but mostly, show yourself the level of love, consideration, nurturing, and respect that you are seeking from your tribe.


* If you are seeking an upleveled romantic relationship, see above - it's very similar energy. Invest the same level of love, consideration, nurturing, and respect in YOURSELF that you are seeking from your partner. Hold your boundaries, speak your truth, refuse to settle because you believe the EXACT partner you desire is on the way to you.


* If you are seeking abundance + money, amp up your gratitude TODAY as you notice all of the blessings in your life. Give freely, respectfully understand the inflow + outflow pattern of your money (meaning track it!). Abundance is everywhere...the more you notice it, the more you measure it, the more you feel deep gratitude for what is already here, the more you are able to reduce the constriction you feel around money. When the constriction eases up, you miraculously open yourself to receiving the flow of abundance.


What other things are you seeking?


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